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Have you ever been to Cabo? If so then you are very aware of the Die Trying Brand. Since 1990 Die Trying, Inc. has been very profitably selling Die Trying branded Men’s, Women’s and Children’s casual apparel and accessories to vacationing North Americans through its 14 Die Trying-exclusive retail stores south of the border.

Due to the line’s incredible success, accelerating sales growth (even this year!), and the constant demand from our thousands and thousands of fantastic customers, we believe the brand has enough equity to successfully cross the border into the U.S. Market and beyond. Because of this, Die Trying, Inc. is currently accepting proposals for the highly selective DT worldwide licensing program (excluding Mexico).

The Die Trying brand offers a scary-fun experience to customers as it represents the emotional addiction to the free spirited, no rules, south-of-the-border vacation that millions of 20 and 30-something Americans take and look forward each year. Plus, the brand has never left home and is therefore powerful and pure.

The market opportunity for the Die Trying mark is endless; casual apparel and accessories is only the tip of the iceberg. With an already huge, diverse, and very loyal following amongst U.S. Consumers, the Die Trying mark can be successfully attached to anything, and go anywhere: Footwear, beach accessories, games and videos, novelties, sporting goods, and lots, lots more.

If you have the specific product and market experience, and economic wherewithal, to take all or part of the Die Trying mark to the USA and/or the world then we want to talk with you. In order to take part in this incredible opportunity, please send us a proposal telling us who you are, what specific product-value you offer, and how you would integrate Die Trying into your sales and marketing operations.

Thanks Mucho!!

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